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Usage Recommandation To Your Treatment

Hair Removal Treatment

Laser & light based therapy for permanent hair reduction emit wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the pigment in the hair (melanin). If the surrounding skin is lighter than the colour of the hair, the energy of the laser is concentrated in the hair shaft (selective phytothermalysis), effectively destroying it without affecting the skin. Once the hair follicle is destroyed the hair growth activity is permanently disabled.

  • Big Spot 1~10Hz In Motion tech fast Work
  • Painless Touch cooling tip
  • Long times non-stop working
  • Excellent results with clinical feedback
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Body Shaping & Slimming

Fat freezing slimming takes advantage of the fact that fat cells are more susceptible to cold compared to the surrounding tissue. A non-invasive applicator is attached to the desired area. It cools the underlying fatty tissue and simultaneously protects skin, nerves, muscles and other tissues. The cooled fat cells undergo Apoptosis (controlled cell death) and gradually deplete. The clinically-proven HIFUSHAPE procedure is the most widely used non-invasive solution for fat destruction and body sculpting. It uses pulsed focused ultrasound to target and reduce unwanted localized fat deposits, reduce body circumference and improve body shape. The new system also uses integrated vacuum-assisted Radio-Frequency to enhance fat cell destruction, expedite fat clearance and tighten skin.

  • 20% fat Reduction by 1 treatment
  • Multi-heads simultaneous working
  • Comfortable procedure
  • No downtime;No side effects
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Pigment & Tattoos removal Treatment

Nd yag Laser is a technique by which a Laser machine delivers very short pulses at very high peak power (hundreds of Mega W) granting the most efficient photoacoustic effect, with no thermal interaction with tissues.As a result, the unwanted pigments of the skin are fragmented in small particles that are expelled through phagocytosis.

  • 1064nm/532nm for multiple color treatment
  • 585nm/650nm/694nm/755nm head optional
  • Flat Hat beam profile
  • Auto-calibration and self-restoration
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Skin Tightening & Wrinkle removal Treatment

Ultrasound ,radio frequency or fractional co2 laser technology are used to create energy deep into the dermis of the skin, which stimulate your own body to produce new collagen reach skin renewal, thereby making the skin appear fresher and younger.

  • Non-invasive painless treatment
  • Significant results by session
  • Easy work ,no downtime
  • Precise energy delivery
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Acne & Scar Treatment

With the selective absorption for the skin to light energy, various pathological tissues of corium and epidermis creates Photo thermolysis effect .IPL, rf fractional and CO2 laser are benefits on Specific energy Targets to kill propionibacterium acne or the bacteria associated with acne . Treat the seborrheic dermatitis .

  • IPL acne scars removal multi-funtional
  • Fractional CO2 laser improve significant results
  • RF fractional microneedle easy work
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Use an articulate arm probe with automatically 360° rotation technology, producing in 50-70° C at a controlled depth inside the vaginal mucosa – stimulates collagen contraction, restructuring and regeneration; promotes collagen fiber proliferating, remodeling; improves vaginal mucosa microcirculation; Increases cell secretion and dynamic reaction function; corrects PH value of vaginal inside;Improves the inside environment; achieves female private parts to significant lasting firming, nourishing and restoring harmonious sexual life.

  • USA Coherent Laser Generator Support stable output
  • Full gynocology accessory parts
  • User friendly system
  • No inflammation ,quick downtime
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Vascular Therapy Treatment

Micro-dots high-frequency produces a 30MHz ultra high frequency electromagnetic oscillation, with the unique soft silk ( thinner than hair ), at 1/ 1000 second time break the hemoglobin, It will release the energy transfer to the surface of the skin and then absorbed by the skin tissue. The lesions, capillaries, and vascular hemoglobin will be broken into small molecules, so it can realize permanent removal of red blood vessels. 980nm vascular removal machine with advanced Germany technology for fiber laser output,this laser target to capillaries and break the inside hemogobin instantly and make it to micro cluster, and these micro cluster will be absorbed by tissue, then the extended capillaries shrink and red blood disappear immediately. Qswitch nd yag laser or pico laser also with excellent results on these ,even apply on varicose veins .

  • Safely and effectively permanent results
  • No breaking minimized uncomfortable feeling
  • Easy work system
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Cosmetic & Skin care Treatment

Widely using basic care devices you should have to asist your laser or light treatment device. These device are easy work ,safe for personal home use .

  • Asist on basic care improve treatment results
  • Make nutrition & Serum better absorbed
  • Best pre and after treatment care
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Machine Catalogue

OEM or ODM or Customize service supported by our own design ,research and development team .

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ISO13485 and EU CE

Manufacturing process and quality assurance are under strict standard of ISO13485 and EU CE. We aim to offer high quality machine and efficient services to work beyond customer’s satisfaction.

2 Years Warranty

Two-Year Quality Assurance Limited Warranty For Any Forimi® Machines From The Original Product Purchase Date.

OEM / ODM Service

We have our own professional Engineer team for System ,Circuit Diagram , Machine shell design and development . Combined our professional factory team , welcome OEM /ODM

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Delivery 3~7 days door to door ,tracking details keep you up to speed.

Training Service

User Manual, Clinical tested setting ,Video & Online Guide .Your training support.

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