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The beauty business has been a prevalent industry since time immemorial. However, there is a sudden boost in the beauty industry due to the fast growing consumers’ awareness of beauty and its various products. Everyone is looking for quick solutions to all their beauty problems.

There are many companies offering you a one-stop solution for all your beauty care needs. Various types of beauty care machines are becoming popular among the skin care clinics, beauty salons, etc. All of these machines provide clients with cosmetology solutions and are manufactured for beauty clinics.

A look at the products

As mentioned, there are different types of machines for beautification needs, which can help you to cater to the requirements of a wide range of clients. These machines offer a wide range of solutions, such as:

Always buy beauty machines from reputable companies. Many are located in Beijing and have skilled workers, a team of specialists, a strong R & D team and clients from different countries. Always choose tried and tested products that fulfil the needs of your customers. The products by known companies adhere to the commercial standards of beauty machines, which imply that they are the best quality beauty machines for their beauty business.

Buying beauty machines for your beauty business

  1. Go for a company that provides its customers with the highest quality beauty care machines, which are tested and approved under the strict standards of ISO 13485 and EU CE. Every machine manufactured must undergo the strictest quality tests, providing customers with high quality beauty care machines for ultimate customer satisfaction.
  2. Check if the products come with a warranty. Reputable companies usually offer a 2 year warranty on their beauty care machines from its date of purchase.
  3. The best companies usually hire a specialized team of professional engineers for the system circuit diagram and the machine shell design and development.
  4. When you order a product from a reputed company, you are guaranteed a super fast delivery of 3 to 7 working days, and you can track your order and find out exactly how far the delivery is.
  5. You will be given an updated user manual, video and online guide as well as a clinical tested setting so that you can use your products without any hassle.

Forimi is a manufacturer of laser and light based medical aesthetic equipment’s in China. With 13 years of production experience, Forimi is one of the leading brands for beauty care machine production in Beijing, China. Having one of the most advanced international production line, Forimi has a specialized team of skilled R & D personnel, technicians, engineers and product testers who provide customers with only the highest quality of products in the market. Strictly adhering to the toughest quality control and ISO standards, Forimi manufactures high quality products with advanced designs, unique features, and powerful functionality which provide ultimate customer satisfaction.

Some of the most popular products

  1. 980 nm Diode vascular laser removal machine: This machine is for the removal of vascular cells, by absorption of the high energy laser of the 980 nm wavelength Diode machine.


  1. Aqueclean water peel machine: It is a machine for skin peeling and dermabrasion using high force hydra treatment on the Aqueclean water peel machine.


  1. Cryolipolysis machine: It is a fat freezing, slimming machine using cool sculpting cryolipolysis that kills fat cells through the skin.


  1. Diode laser hair removal machine: It is a laser hair removal machine which can be used on any part of the body and skin for semi permanent hair removal.


  1. Fractional CO2 laser machine: This machine offering all the solutions for skin damage due to ageing, sun damage, facial wrinkles, lesions, and skin tightening treatments using Fractional CO2 laser.


  1. Hifu Face Lifting machine: The ultimate solution to all your skin problems relating to sagging, aging, wrinkles, drooping, etc. The Hifu Face Lifting machine offers customers with treatments for tightening skin and removal of sagging and wrinkles, as well as marks of aging.


  1. IPL SHR ELight machine: It is a machine offering clients with skin rejuvenation as well as hair removal solutions.


  1. Micro Dermabrasion machine: One of the best solutions for skin exfoliation, the Micro dermabrasion machine, which delivers guaranteed results.


  1. Oxygen facial machine: It is a machine which offers clients a facial using O2 for clearer, younger and more rejuvenated skin using the oxygen facial machine.


  1. Passive Qswitch and Yag laser: The best machine for tattoo removal whether it is permanent or semi permanent tattoos.


  1. Pico second laser machine: Another highly advanced machine that can be used for tattoo removal. Your clients will definitely love the results.


  1. RF fractional micro needle machine: It is an outstanding machine for removal of acne, scars, spotting, stretch marks and skin rejuvenation using micro needle.


  1. Skin analyser machine: A must have machine for all beauty clinics, the skin analyser machine allows you to analyse the skin type of clients, along with chalk out their problem areas, diagnose skin disorders, use a wood lamp, examine the skin using a UV magnifying glass, which is portable and easy to use.


  1. Spider veins removal machine: This machine is for the removal of spider veins from the skin, with flawless results.


  1. Water peel and skin cleaning machine: With the help of hydra force, this water peel and skin cleaning machine provides clients with a water peeling facial for younger, rejuvenated skin.

The above mentioned beauty care machines will allow beauty clinics to offer the best skin treatments to their customers, which can be done using the advanced technologies of these products. Plus, there are no side effects associated. When you choose a brand, you must make sure that each product has been tested for their individual parts and functions by engineers. In this way, you will be able to go for the highest quality products which can be used for medical and cosmetology purposes in beauty clinics.

The top companies offer a two year warranty period for all their products since its date of purchase, and provide their clients with detailed information about their products. They also offer 24/7 customer service to answer their queries and to keep them completely satisfied.

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