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With the progression of time, the skin care and beauty related equipment have become much better in terms of quality and functionality as well. Skin care clinics and beauty parlours are now capable of providing the customers with more than just satisfactory quality of work. All this has been made possible by the innovation and advancement of technology in beauty and skin care.

Today, people walk into a beauty parlour or skin care clinic only if they maintain certain quality standards in terms of hygiene, equipment and staff. In the light of such demands, companies like Forimi have taken the beauty parlours and skin care clinic markets by storm by introducing more accomplished and efficient beauty care machines.

The best companies have highly specialized and dedicated team of workers at Beijing, and they are the giants of beauty machine designing and manufacturing industry. They provide the customers with only superior quality goods because they employ only the best R & D personnel, experts and technicians who bring about a comprehensive and skilled approach to manufacturing these beauty equipment for beauty parlours and skin care salons and clinics.

The procedure and process of production

The production processes followed by the leading companies are something that set them apart from the average ones. A well equipped workspace with adequate employees for each division or manufacturing division of various equipment is what the best manufacturers believe in. After all, the beauty parlours and skin care clinics would be representing our products to the customers. So, the reputation and brand image really matters.

It is not difficult to come across manufacturers that specialize in light and laser-based medical equipment and distributes them to the reputed beauty salons and skin care clinics. A painted case area, a metal frame area for the inner part of the equipment, an aging test space, a machine assembling area, a packaging and casing space are the various basic divisions of such companies. They also provide first-grade services like on door delivery and pick up services to the owners of the salons and clinics.

The products you can pick for your business

The products available nowadays for beauty clinics and parlours are categorically divided and specialized according to the needs. These are must haves for every reputed beauty salon and skin care clinics. Some of the most common ones have been mentioned below:

  • Hair Removal Equipment– The rising need for efficient hair removal equipment in parlours and clinics call for some of the highest quality machinery and equipment to give the customers of the salons, the best results. The equipment designed and made by Forimi for hair removal is called the Aqueclean Water Peel Machine. It comes with an excellent cooling system that works non-stop to get the job done in the shortest time possible. It features 1~10Hz in motion technology. The procedure is painless and quick as well; hence the customers will remain thoroughly satisfied with your services.
  • Slimming and body shaping equipment– The need for slimming equipment is on the surge and has been that way for a considerable amount of time. Everyone likes to look good and feel comfortable in their own skin and the leading manufacturers have made that easier by bringing the FMS – 1.825 to the renowned beauty salons and clinics. It is highly efficient and it is certified as well. It conforms to the standards and hence the customers of the beauty salons are able to trust this machinery. It provides a pain-free procedure of losing weight and feeling good about your body.
  • Tattoo removal and pigment removal– The Micro Dermabrasion Machine manufactured by the leading manufacturers have proved to be extremely effective, and hence it is a highly sought-after machine among the leading beauty parlours, skin care clinics and tattoo removal parlours. IPL SHR Elight 3 in 1 and powerful system are the two most important characteristics of this equipment. It provides excellent results with zero pain to the customers. Every parlour and clinic requires this technologically advanced tattoo removal machinery.
  • Wrinkle Removal and Skin Wrinkle Removal– Everyone likes to look young and feel young and this technology is now available for the beauty parlours and clinics in the form of two very efficient and important pieces of equipment. They are as follows:
  1. The Micro Dermabrasion Machine- A must have for every skin clinic as well as tattoo removal clinics.
  2. Oxygen Facial Machine- This machinery has reached new heights of popularity amongst skin care clinics and beauty parlours due to the impressive results it offers.
  • Acne Removal Equipment- Acne removal service is highly availed all around the world and calls for some world-class equipment. The different acne removal equipment manufactured for parlours and clinics are as follows:
  1. 299
  2. 980nm diode
  3. Big laser red .370
  4. FMR-1.16
  5. FMC-1.255
  6. FMS-1.12
  7. Fractional CO2
  8. Pico Second Laser
  9. RF Fractional Microneedle Laser
  10. Skin Analizer
  11. Ultrasonic knife .59
  12. Water Peel & Skin Cleaning Machine
  • Cosmetic Skin Care – The machine FMS-1.835 for parlours to provide superior cosmetic skin care services to their customers. The procedure is painless and it has an efficient power system.



Why choose the right manufacturer?

Some of the obvious reasons to choose the best brand are mentioned below:

  1. Warranty- No matter what equipment you purchase, with the best brands you will get a 1-2 year or more warranty period.
  2. Training- The best companies provide you with a friendly and comprehensive manual and guide to help you use the equipment better. It also has online videos to help you.
  3. Delivery- The reliable companies always provide prompt delivery service to your door. It takes only 3 to 7 days for delivery.
  4. ISO13485 and EU CE- The best companies manufacture all its equipment, conforming to the ISO13485 and EU CE standards.

No doubt, Forimi has always impressed the beauty care salons and skin care clinics with its superior quality machines and equipment. So, if you want to make your beauty salons or skin care clinic a hit among your customers, go for the best brands in the market.

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